About Debes


A group of Challenger Cab Company members held a meeting on March 2019 and elected individuals toestablish an association of Eritreans regardless of gender, color, religion and political affiliation to share the burden of sorrow that might strike each one of us and to ease the financial charges occurring in such moment.The Elected Individuals extended beyond the Challenger Cab Company and contacted others in thecommunity to help form an association. The Founding Members formed a non-profit organization called DEBES Eritrean Association of Metropolitan Washington DC in accordance with the laws of the District of Columbia and under § 501(c)(8) United States Internal Revenue Code.



The purpose of DEBES Eritrean Association of Metropolitan Washington DC (hereinafter “the Association”) is to organize members under this Association with the sole objective of assisting the family of each deceased Association member at the time of death. This will be achieved by providing monetary assistance in the amount of $20,000 (Twenty Thousand Dollars) to the designated family representative of the deceased Member to cover funeral and mourning costs. This is to be done by
establishing a unique method of collecting contributions from each member of the Association.



The objective of the Association is to register members starting on 1st day of July 2019 (07-01-2019) which is the date of establishment of the Association. The activities of the Association shall be carried out solely to fulfill its purpose and objectives.